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Meet our Founder

Virginie Madistin, whom everyone calls Gigi, is truly a Jill of many trades. Before receiving her call to ministry, she studied Psychology at Stetson University with hopes of becoming a child advocate attorney and becoming a voice for Adolescents.

Upon receiving her call to ministry, she furthered her education earning a bachelor’s degree in Theology and Biblical Studies from SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary.

Gigi is a self-published author a Registered Esthetician, and a Licensed Insurance Broker. Gigi is also a Certified Master life Coach and a Certified Etiquette Consultant as well as Registered Nurse.

It’s been said that Gigi has more degrees than a thermometer, but what she is most proud of is being the founder and CEO of GIGI INC, which is Girls Igniting Greater Inner Strength Inc., a nonprofit confidence building organization for girls ages 12 -18 whose mission is to helps girls’ journey through adolescence with healthy self-confidence and positive self-esteem so they can win the mental, physical and emotional battles of adolescence.

Recently GIGIINC launched Girls Igniting Academy which offers virtual confidence building courses, workshops, mentorship programs and resources for girls around the globe.

Gigi’s mission through her organization is to TEAR down the walls of low self-esteem and insecurity by ERADICATING societal views of beauty that have been tainted.

Gigi strives to Replace the false depictions of beauty with the word of God that says “for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Gigi has been featured in Voyage ATL Magazine, Program Success Magazine, Canvas Rebel, Influence HER Magazine and is this year's Achi Magazine Nominee for Nonprofit Executive of the Year. Gigi is also a recipient of the Women Doing it Big Award! Virginie’s drive and ambition inspire all who surround her to embrace their divine strengths and become better versions of themselves.

Her motto is "Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack"

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